Bengals Taste of the NFL Website Development

Bengals Taste Of The NFL – Website Design & Hosting

Being a Bengals fan, this was a fun project! The previous websites lacked content and mainly drove visitors to the eCommerce page to purchase tickets. Even though that is the end goal for the website, drive online ticket sales, I was given the chance to build a responsive website with quality content to showcase video, restaurant sponsors and a robust photo gallery.

Restaurant Spotlight

I also secured the domain name for the event and utilized SEO, Google Analytics, eCommerce setup and managed the hosting for the website. The design elements were given to me and I used that to build the theme and overall style of the website. The user experience is hopefully easy to navigate on mobile and desktop while giving the user enough content to digest with a single scroll with easy access to purchase tickets on a secure eCommerce platform.

Bengals Taste of the NFL Website Development

As all websites I develop, the hardest part was the content strategy without straying away from the number one goal…fundraising! Overall, the website was well received with positive feedback. It is being tracked for performance, search engine optimized, mobile friendly and anyone can purchase tickets with credit card from the website. If you are a Bengals fan and want to support a great cause, I highly recommend you going to and purchasing your tickets!

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