Hybrid Designer and what that means?

Technology continues to advance and so should you as a graphic designer. Companies are more intrigued and willing to engage new opportunities if you offer more than design within a specific field. As a designer with a humble education and starting point in my design career, I have branched into many avenues of the design world that make me the Hybrid Designer companies are now looking for in their creative department.

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WordPress Security

WordPress (WP) is the most popular open source web application on the internet. Web developers and designers use WP because of the large community support and the availability of plugins that extend the value of the core WP code. This popularity is fantastic but also brings attention. The majority of website hackers target WP installs for this reason. Here are the plugins I use to help secure all the WP websites I build.

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Online File Transfer Solution – Website Design & Hosting

Would you like a self-hosted file transfer solution? I can help you with that! The file transfer solutions will live under your domain, files stored in your database, and branded with your name and colors. The file transfer solution lets you upload files, assign to clients, set expiration dates, track activity and more! It is secure, private with a friendly interface. No more depending on services like Dropbox or using e-mail to send large files!

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Your Own Social Network – Website Design & Hosting

Did you know that I can help build you a self-hosted social network for your website? No more worries about privacy and ads. Your hosting, your database, your domain. Self-hosted social networks is the future of the web! Imagine having full control of your social network for your business, customers, students, team or organization like you do with Facebook but without the privacy woes and target advertising.

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Top 3 Free Web Apps To Learn Web Design

I enjoy playing around with software and learning how it works. As a designer, I enjoy wrapping designs with css and html around functional code. I have probably designed a wrap and stylized the majority of open source php scripts that you can find on the web today. There were some good ones and some bad ones. If you are inspiring to be a web designer or a graphic designer looking to get your hands dirty in code, follow this list of the top 3 web software to learn!

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Spotlight Direct – Since 2005

Freelance Designer & Consultant
Since 2005

Choosing the right designer for your business, for any size project, is an important decision. I want to give you the resources necessary to make an informed decision. A design consultant when you have questions! You know when you have found the right designer when you feel good about trusting your vision with that person. I want an opportunity to earn your trust. Spotlight Direct is unique in that I am not just a freelance designer but a print and web design consultant committed to helping you find the quality services you deserve.

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