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Cincinnati Canstruction – Website Design & Hosting

Here was an opportunity to redesign the website and manage the hosting for Cincinnati Canstruction, an event that benefits the Freestore Foodbank. I constructed this website with full-width slides as the hero image. The content is organized into a one-page scroll to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for without refreshing the page. This also makes the responsive theme work best for smaller screens — content available with one swipe. I hope my new website design and content strategy serves as a solid base for years to come for this awesome event, and grows into a more robust and informational website.

As you can see in this screenshot, that this website has multiple important modules to highlight — some visual but mostly informational. The website has a working search, a CTA menu with social media, news and events feed, photo gallery scroll, accordion buttons, and subscribe form.

Website Design

Before the website design and content strategy began, I had the task of migrating the old website to the hosting account I manage. That included some FTP work, DNS changes, updating MX records for email, setting up a database, installing a new WordPress manually, and then importing everything from the old website into the new. Once the migration was complete, I then moved the new website design from my WAMP localhost to the live server.

You can check it out live here.

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