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One day I was approached by a friend about designing a logo for one of his clients starting up a new gutter company. The company was in the process of getting everything together to launch and needed someone capable of designing a logo that best represents their vision. I met with the client to learn more about what they were thinking the logo looked like and the reason behind the idea. The clientgc_mediakit_4-19 was a big fan of boxing and the name for his new business was Gutter Champ. He specifically asked for one concept to be a belt shape similar to a championship belt in boxing with the name prominent and the unique shape of their gutter profile. This was one of the selling points, the patent style guard to their gutters.

Taking all that in and knowing the client already had a vision of what the logo looked like, I went ahead and started with his idea and also gave him other ways to design a gutter company logo. Obviously leafs, water and the belt shape were the main targets for each concept.

After a few rounds of changes, we finally agreed on a design that we all thought worked best to move forward. Once we got that concept down, it was just a matter of tweaking the concepts until the client was satisfied with the final product. The final completed concept included a style guide with color breakdown and the logo usage in cmyk, rgb, spot and one color.  He also received all the hires versions in multiple formats for print and web placement.

The client was so happy with the logo design process and final concept, that I was also approached to build their website, custom illustration for marketing materials and the demo book presentation they used when pitching their product.


Although my connection with Gutter Champ has been over for many years, I am still proud of the logo design I produced for a very reasonable price. Looking back, I pretty much gave this logo away. I visited the domain name and my website is no longer live (or I would have included a screenshot).

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