Rubber Duck Regatta Website Design & Hosting

Rubber Duck Regatta Website Design & Hosting

The Rubber Duck Regatta is the most successful fundraising event for the Freestore Foodbank for over two decades. The website is a significant part of the digital fundraising campaign. I was given the responsibility to build a new website for 2015, manage the hosting, design SEO/SEM banners, email stationery and social media graphics for the digital campaign. Although many of the ideas came from collaboration with my team and director and I was working within a specific design style guide, I had the freedom to develop the user experience within the platform of my choice.

Here is a snapshot of the RDR15 website. It is a responsive (mobile friendly) website with links to social media, countdown timer, parallax scrolling, animated slider, looping background, interactive game (desktop and mobile friendly), printable pdf, secure eCommerce form for duck purchases and online survey to register your duck. The website is using Google Tag Manager (GTM) for ROI on banner ads. Google Universal Analytics (UA) used for overall visitor stats.

Rubber Duck Regatta Website

Here is a snapshot of the RDR15 game I put together using an open source game code of a flappy bird style game. The game is HTML5 and uses Javascript. The game works on both desktop and mobile. I used the Cincinnati skyline background, RDR15 logo, the looping water and our rubber duck graphic for the game to continue the theme of the website. I included analytics to the popup window to see how many hits the game will get.

opensource html5 game and javascript

Although I did many things for this event, the digital fundraising campaign was my main responsibility and where I spent most of my energy. My first Rubber Duck Regatta digital campaign was a success! It feels good knowing that a website I designed and built was viewed by many and used to support the Freestore Foodbank and help solve hunger!

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