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  1. Jeff was great to work with from a small start-up perspective. He instinctively got the design and website services I needed, while staying within my budget. Very flexible and always on time, Spotlight Direct simply delivers and is fantastic to work with.

  2. I met Jeff Marsh for a morning cup of coffee and ten minutes later, while driving to the office, I hired him over the phone! It was easy for me to see Jeff’s passion for good Design and his acute talent for delivering it on a daily basis. I have met many capable Creatives during my 30+ years in the Design and Creative Services business, but I never worked with one that is as Creative and as FAST as Jeff Marsh!

    – Tom Patterson

  3. Jeff is a wonderful person to work with. We are a small company and he has made our website a very productive tool to work with. He is there for even the simplest of things. Just ask and he will respond and in a timely manner. We would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to start a website. His design and creativity is excellent.

    Thanks Jeff..

  4. Jeff Marsh has helped to revolutionize our family turkey farm business. After 76 years of taking turkey orders via phone message, pen, and paper, the website he designed and created has changed the way we are able to do business. Taking orders online has been a seamless endeavor thanks to the website and Jeff’s flexibility and dedication. He’s there to make last minute changes to our page as needed, and has saved us a lot of time in the process. We highly recommend his services!

  5. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Jeff during his 10 year stay at ReachUSA. He is a delight to work with. His creativity brought a fresh perspective on our advertising development. I highly recommend his creative expertise.

  6. Jeff and I worked closely together for 3 years and became fast friends. His creativity, work ethic and organization was an inspiration to me. He is always learning new things which make him an excellent all around designer. There is nothing that Jeff will not tackle and figure out it needs to be done.

    We worked together on many national accounts including the Chicago Cubs, Forbes Magazine and USA Today. I would highly recommend Jeff anytime.

  7. Jeff is one of the most innovative and creative talents I’ve had the honor of working alongside in my career. He is a master at listening to the ‘wants’ of clients and uses his mastery to transform those ‘wants’ into strategic and creative marketing ‘needs’ that drive business. Jeff’s work has an appropriate edge which is what this business, and this city, definitely needs.

  8. When it comes to all things digital, Jeff is a genius. I had the pleasure of working closely with Jeff and was pleasantly surprised, and later amazed, at his ability to communicate the most complicated matters and processes clearly and simply.

    So, you have the unique genius who knows how to communicate with us mere mortals. Astounding!

  9. I’m in my 22nd year at ReachUSA, where Jeff worked for ten years. In all that time in quality control, I’ve seen a lot of graphic artists, web designers and creative folks come and go. I was always impressed by the way he tackled difficult projects with ease and turned unintelligible instructions into beautiful design. He’s always been on the cutting edge, keeping up with all the newest technological developments. It was quite often the norm for other artists to consult with him on various topics and learn new things from him.

    Creative? Yes. Innovative? Definitely. Excellent work ethic? You’d better believe it! He gives each project every thing he has, hands down. He’s also a great guy to be around, as well as work with. Whoever works with him, knows they’re working with the best.

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