Vehicle Wrap for Freestore Foodbank

Vehicle Wrap for Freestore Foodbank – Advertising Design

I had the task to wrap a 2008 Honda Fit. This was a fun project that went through multiple design concepts. I also was taught a refresher course that the customer is always right and I need to make sure the client is on-board with a concept prior to spending too much time on it. Here are a few design concepts this project went through to get final approval.

FSFB Vehicle Wrap

These were the four main concepts. There were a couple other ones that included photos of families and children. My favorite is Version 2 because I thought it would be cool if the car looked like a fruit and vegetable cart. It was a little too much for the client so I reverted back to focusing on their brand style guide. In the final approved version, I did add a little bit of fun with the leaves on the logo.

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