Wrigley Field 100 Year Logo Contest – Website Design & Logo Design

I got the opportunity to design the Wrigley Field 100 Year Logo Contest Website. The website was hosted by MLB and all the designed approved by the Chicago Cubs. This was a fun project that allowed me to showcase my front-end web design skills at a national level.

The idea was brought to EMI Network as a special project from the Cubs marketing team. As Art Director, I played the lead role on the majority of large profile projects like this one. There was a creative brief with some explanation of what the overall goal for the project, but no real guidelines other than stay within the branding of Wrigley Field.


I played around with the staple textures known for in at Wrigley. I included the green scoreboard as an element, the red marquee, ivy and other subtle textures that were used in marketing campaigns. Overall the design came together fairly quickly and didn’t change much after the firs006_cubs_specialprojects_CUBS-20196-WF100LogoContest_Instructionst round.

The concept went back and forth to fine tune the message. There was also a logo guidelines page that was needed for contestants when submitting their designs. I packaged up materials needed for design resources (i.e. Cubs logo) and delivered the approved PSD and supporting assets for MLB to code and host the website.

Overall, it was one of the smaller projects I worked on for the Cubs but very rewarding seeing my work live on MLB’s website and knowing my design work will be seen by possibly millions of Cubs and baseball fans.

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